Testimonials of Diamond Head Massage & Day Spa in Seabrook

“This was one of the best massages I have had in a very long history of massages. I can’t recommend Dao and her staff highly enough.”– Eric M.

“This place was so friendly, professional, comfortable and I would recommended to anyone looking to relax, resolve any muscle discomfort or provide relief.”– Beth H.

“I have had several massages in my life and this is hands down one of the best I have had! It was a beautiful flow with a balanced mixture of deep tissue, hot stone, and Thai yoga massage. Perfect! I will go back here for sure!!”– Christine B.

“Fantastic! The masseuses Dao and Amy were gracious hosts that offered us Thai iced tea to start. They clearly have expertise in Thai massage and other Asian techniques. At the end of our 30min foot massages, they provide a brief neck, back and arm massage and proceeded to crack our backs! Felt truly relaxed. Will definitely be back.”– Justin W.

“One of the best massages I have had. The hot stones and tranquil music made it a fabulous experience! Will definitely be back!”– Steve H.

“I happened to be jogging by Diamond Head Massage last week and was drawn in to check it out by the tranquil entrance with bamboo fencing and lush plants. I booked a deep tissue massage for a few days later, and what a great experience! This is not the glam spa that I’m used to splurging on maybe twice a year on – it’s a home converted into a spa – it’s very unpretentious and cozy.”– Erin C.

“I don’t know a lot about massages, but I left here feeling great and relaxed. My wife and I celebrated our anniversary with a couple’s massage. The staff was super friendly and attentive to our needs! We will definitely return!”– Patrick F.

“It is one of my favorite spas in the town. Couples massage is very reasonable priced and highly recommended.”– Lina K.

“My experience at Diamond Head Massage definitely added to the local experience, I had a 60-minute deep tissue massage that was awesome, then was talked into a full body scrub after a demo on my arm, I highly recommend! I enjoyed the open air an admired the polynesian art and statues and water fountains. Again, this is a local experience, not closed like a hotel.”– David K.

“My friends(a couple) had been to this studio 3 times and loved it so much so…when I was complaining about feeling a little stiff and sore from a long tennis game, they told me to go there and have a massage. And…that I did. This place is beautiful and once inside it reminded me of spas I had visited in Thailand. There was small statues of Buddha, water fountains, nice smells and relaxing new age music. The techs made me feel right at home with a glass of cold Thai iced tea…which…BTW…I really love. My tech suggested a combination massage for 90 minutes so I agreed. Their massage tables are so comfortable I felt like sleeping actually! My tech had studied traditional Thai massage in Thailand plus had her license from school here for shiatsu, Swedish, lomi lomi and hot stone therapy. I had mostly Thai and Swedish and it was the best massage I’ve ever had! I have become a regular at this spa and will remain a loyal customer always. Be sure to call ahead for an appt. as they can be very busy at any time.”– Michael L.

“Just had a great massage here with Wa- they are so considerate of your needs. I had cramps in my feet and she patiently stretched and rubbed them out. She left me floating and thoroughly stretched and deeply massaged- I’m definitely going back.”– Chuck T.

“About $70 for an hour massage – Totally worth the money. The place is a small but inviting and had good energy. I had a woman named Wa who was a small person but VERY strong and applied serious pressure to my back. She knew what to do to work out the knots in my back and stretch my legs. I was very impressed at how relaxing it was (aside from the extreme pressure from time to time). I actually asked her to ease up a bit – which she did. I left there feeling very relaxed and de-stressed.”– Dan G.

“They did an amazing job. I get massages at least once a month so I’d like to think I’m a bit of an expert. They were super nice and friendly and gave the best deep tissue yet incredibly relaxing massage. Just firm enough to to work out the knots and tension but relaxing enough as well. Will definitely come back!”– Jim C.

“This place is awesome! i had a deep tissue massage with Wa and she was amazing! I came in there with a headache and major tension in my neck and shoulders and she literally massaged it away! She had just the right amount of pressure while working on my knots. The place is a house right on Monsaratt but I felt so at home. The owner I believe her name is Dao which is who my friend went to was also great and everyone there is very friendly and personable. Great massage for reasonable price!”– Rissa K.

“BF and I were exhausted after a week long trip in Hawaii and I did a quick research on Google to make last minute reservations for the closest spa. Luckily we were able to get an appointment for a 30 minute couples’ massage. I felt so good after the massage, I felt like I was walking on clouds. Definitely come here and get an hour massage!”– Minnie M.

“Went in for a 60 minute couples massage. I got a prenatal massage from Wa which was outstanding. My husband enjoyed his massage from Dao. I definitely plan to return again soon.”– Kat K.

“Fantastic massage, will be going back for sure. Well priced and wonderful service. Highly recommend.”– Matthew E.

“Went to this particular one based on yelp’s reviews and location near my friend’s place near waikiki. Wasn’t sure if they had any open appts, so we called and the kind lady said she had an appt at the exact time we had asked for! All she asked for was my first name and told me the address and that was it. We were not sure 100% sure what to expect, but when we walked up to the establishment on Monsarrat Ave. we discovered an adorable little establishment that kindly requested you remove your shoes before you entered. Overall, I would DEFINITELY recommend going there. If I lived here, I would go all the time.”– Melissa F.

“This is a GEM in Honolulu! I have been twice – once for 90 mins Deep Tissue and once for 60 min Deep Tissue. Both experiences were excellent. It’s located near Diamond Head Cafe in a little cottage; street parking near by. Clean and very friendly staff. The services were phenomenal! The therapists were both very attentive; professional; and strong! I like firm pressure and they both were awesome. The BEST part is the cost – $70 for 60 minutes cannot be beat for the high quality, especially in Honolulu! I will definitely be back! highly recommend them!”– E S.

“Staff was so friendly. Owners father in law is an astronaut so double plus. Gave us water bottles in the beginning and then took us to our rooms for our massage. Dao and the other masseuses are so nice. Felt awesome afterwards! GO HERE!”– Anoop J.

“I couldn’t say a bad thing about this place even if I wanted to. Every masseuse is perfect and my wife and I always leave feeling rejuvenated. With diamond head massage it’s just the little differences that make it great.”– Haden C.

“One of the best massages I have had. The hot stones and tranquil music made it a fabulous experience! Will definitely be back!”– Steve H.

“Beautifully decorated from a waterfall as soon as you step in to every tiny detail such as how the washcloths in the bathroom to dry off your hands are individually origami rolled to perfection. The music takes you to another world so you can easily slip out of your daily stresses and most importantly my massage therapist is one of a kind. She has a gift in her hands like no other. She listened to what I needed focus on and performed a full body massage but made sure to pay more attention to my areas of concern. I found immediate results especially in my shoulders as soon as I got off the table and she made sure she took the time to work on my calves which I find other therapists at other places tend to neglect even if I tell them that’s my main problem. I want to be here everyday!”– Jocelyn L.

“Was very happy and relaxed. The service was amazing and the ladies were exceedingly nice and wonderful!”– Klaudia T.

With Aloha, local service and atmosphere to complement your visit.

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