Swedish Massage

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Swedish Massage in Seabrook, Kemah.

45-minutes for $65.
60-minutes for $79.
75-minutes for $99.
90-minutes for $120.

“I happened to be jogging by Diamond Head Massage last week and was drawn in to check it out. I booked a Swedish massage for a few days later, and what a great experience! This is not the glam spa that I’m used to splurging on, it’s very unpretentious with great service.”– Erin C.


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24-hour cancellation notice required for all appointments.


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History of Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the most popular of all massage types and was first introduced as medical gymnastics in the 19th century by Swedish Psychologist Pehr Henrick Ling. Mr. Ling created a system of massages using techniques used by ancient Greeks and Romans to enhance physical benefits.

Dutch practitioner Johan Georg Mezger is also a pioneer of the Swedish Massage techniques creating a system of French names for all of the techniques incorporated within the Swedish massage.



The Five basic Techniques of Swedish Massage

Stroking is the most comfortable and relaxing form of massage, especially used in the beginning of therapy using warm oil and adjusting to hands of the therapist.

Kneading where skin or muscles are kneaded between thumb, index and middle fingers, or between both hands, to generate pressure on the muscle connective tissue increasing the muscle area blood circulation.

Rubbing, or small circular movements made with the finger tips or heel of the hand, a very effective form to work on the hardening of muscles.

Tapping, short tapping movement with the back of the hands which increases the blood circulation and changes the tone of the muscles.

Vibrating, vibrations are created with the finger tips or the flat hand to simulate a tremble which reaches the deeper tissues and organs to loosen and solving potential cramps.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

The pressure used during a Swedish massage therapy relax the muscles and relieve all of the tension that has built up over time of stress. The touch of the skin also helps to relax the person, clear the mind and alleviate depression.

Massage will increase your energy, relax the body and produce a great night of sleep. Swedish massage is also thought to rejuvenate the immune system.